Workers Rally for Pandemic Relief

Street vendors, laundry workers, house cleaners and taxi drivers from across New York were among the hundreds of demonstrators who blocked traffic on the Brooklyn and Manhattan Bridges Friday morning, demanding New York State legislators create a fund for undocumented workers and others left out of economic relief packages since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic.
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Nicaraguans are going organic, but some farmers are very skeptical

Early one hot summer morning in this remote village, Cesar Hernandez was eating an unusual breakfast. Instead of fried cheese, rice, beans, fried bananas, and soda made from powder — a typical first meal of the day for many Nicaraguans — he sipped a purple smoothie made of beets, carrots, milk and an egg. Healthy eating is uncommon in Nicaragua. The normal diet is heavy with starches, sugar, and salt. Processed foods are ubiquitous and deep-frying is a favorite way to cook.